TOP 4 Champions League matches worth watching

#4 Chelsea FC (England) vs Sevilla (Spain)

Will Chelsea’s attack make sure that their defensive problems don’t cost them points? Or Sevilla’s triumphs on away turf again help them clinch a miraculous away win at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday? Nevertheless, in either of a situation, it’s the fans who shall win.

#3 Ajax (Netherlands) vs Liverpool (England)

Liverpool visit the Johan Cruyff arena on the 21st of October 2020 to play Ajax Amsterdam at 20:00 BST.

#2 Bayern Munich (Germany) vs Atletico Madrid (Spain)

After eliminating Liverpool at Anfield — the same ground where the Reds demolished FC Barcelona 4–0 — Atletico are known as a side which is just unbeatable on their specific days. But there’s a catch.

#1 Paris Saint-Germain (France) vs Manchester United (England)

Probably the most anticipated clash on the opening game-week of the UEFA Champions League, the game between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United boasts some really exciting history.



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