The Winners & Losers of the Winter Transfer Window 2022

FC Barcelona (Winner)

After Sergio Aguero’s diagnosis of health problems and his emotional departure mid-season, the Barca Board was under pressure to replace the Argentine with someone who can carry the legacy forward and have an instant impact. Usually for a big side like them, it would have taken months to find the perfect fit and then probably an year to negotiate a deal.

Chelsea FC (Losers)

Tottenham Hotspur (Big time Winners!)

Manchester United (Unfortunate Losers)

Ragnick’s appointment came in as a conditional role of 6 months of managerial position and then an advisory seat in the management of the club, with specifics about his old recruitment genius stories. This meant that January was a big month for the Mancurians as Ragnick must have got good enough time for analysing the weaknesses of this squad, and possible transfer targets.

Everton FC & Newcastle United (the Champions of the 2022 Winter Transfer Window)

Other Honourable Mentions



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