The Fall of the Greats ft. France & Germany

Fatigue from the Group of Death

A big factor that nobody is talking about really. The Group of Death (Group F) pitting Portugal, France and Germany together meant that there was going to be high octane pressure right from the first whistle of the tournament for the big nations. The first two games for all the groups usually are the ties where coaches experiment and are trying to settle in. Here, the teams were playing the tournament favourites right from the first touch.

Not a time to experiment, Didier!

You are not our rivals, Germany!

Shambolic Substitutions

Jack Grealish — the Hero of Euro 2020?

Well, there’s a huge chance that It will come home, this year. But, it’s still a 50–50 battle as the Belgians and Italians put their foot ahead from the other end. Nevertheless, with a new European Champion this year, the last 10 games of the tournament are going to be epic.



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