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Halloween is just around the corner! The last festive weekend before the Christmas and New Year is just a few days away. Though the end of this weekend brings crazy tricks and treats, our football fraternity is working like usual. But despite the heavy training rituals, match-days and post-match formalities, the stars of the beautiful game — despite their nationality and religious beliefs — have always approached Halloween in their own unique (read spooky!) manner!

Without much ado, today we take a look at few of the best dressed Football stars who rocked the Halloween with their take on scary costumes! Trick or Treat, ladies and gentlemen!

Neymar Junior

Known as one of the most stylish football players, both on and off the field, Neymar Junior has always been top-notch during the Halloween season. But nothing tops his take on the Batman fandom ‘Joker’ costume from the year 2017. What’s interesting is that the Brazilian International actually recreated Jared Leto’s version of the Joker, instead of going for the more famed Heath Ledger one. Neymar must have upset some of his Batman fans here, but surely won the hearts of Halloween enthusiasts all over the world!

Lionel Messi

Well, it seems that Messi has done another ‘One-up’ over his generational rival Cristiano Ronaldo again! While Cristiano has never engaged much in Halloween costumes, Lionel Messi steals the show with his ‘Skeleton-themed’ Halloween Costume with his older son Tiago. If the Argentine starlet had roamed the streets of Barcelona in this attire in 2018, there is no doubt he would have been recognized as THE Lionel Messi.

Thomas Muller (L) & David Alaba (R)

Thomas Muller and David Alaba might be a scary duo to face in the Bundesliga every season. But the midfielder and the defender were even spooky during the Halloween celebrations of Bayern Munich a couple of years back! While Muller dressed as a tormented grand-dad who has been dead for centuries, Alaba sported long white hair and played the ghost at the party with a black gown. Though both the players came to the part totally non-coordinated, they lit up the stage when they stood alongside each other for the camera! What a pair of Bavarians!

James Rodriguez

New Everton midfielder James Rodriguez has lit up the English Premier League with his finesse and passing skills. But during his time with Real Madrid, the Columbian was too hyped up about Halloween! This is his rendition of ‘Billy the Puppet’ from the famed Hollywood movie series Saw. Though the movie character did a perfect job of keeping the audience awake at night with his scary scenes, James also got the look spot on!

David Beckham and family

Coming to the retired legends of the game, David Beckham is an evergreen and certified style icon. The ex-Manchester United and Real Madrid star posed with his two sons Brooklyn and Romeo, and his daughter Harper as the family celebrated Halloween last year. While the three kids sport three different looks, Beckham keeps it low-key but effective in a dark zipper with eyes all blacked-out to give a spooky feel. Whatever the look, David Beckham carries it in style!

Kylian Mbappe

From one generation to next, World Cup winner and teenage sensation Kylian Mbappe is next on our list! The 20-year-old baller, who has taken the footballing world by storm, made sure he tormented not only the defenders but also some of his French fans, as he turned up in a Dark Clown costume for Halloween last winter. With a fake left eye and a the typical blood stained clown smile, Mbappe left everyone for dead — this time off-field!

Edinson Cavani

Ahoy! The Pirates are here. This time, not from the Carribean — but from Paris! Joined by Mbappe, his PSG team-mate Edinson Cavani took over his Halloween party as a Pirate alongside his girlfriend Jocelyn Burgardt. The 34-year-old, who joined Manchester United this summer, was the least expected star to be photographed during the Halloween season as he is known to be a very shy person and likes to spend his time in his village in Uruguay — when he is not playing.

Luis Suarez

From one Uruguayan to another, Luis Suarez has been a living Halloween star on-field for the better part of the last decade. After his infamous biting incidents in Ajax, Liverpool and then during the International fixture against Italy, Suarez has been known to be an instable figure overall. But regarded as one of the best forwards of the 21st century, he took his media personality and turned it into a Halloween costume last year. Suarez was clicked with his two kids as he sported a mask which has rusty teeth and only on eye. What a way to complement all his infamous events in real life!

Paulo Dybala

Juventus forward Paulo Dybala always likes to keep up with the new trends when it comes to his celebrations, fashion and apparently also Halloween! The Argentine International sported this filtered look which has been worked upon technologically but makes it the perfect Halloween graphic. Apparently, his costume boasts a scary mouth-less face with a black hoodie. This get-up reportedly scared many of his Juve team-mates.

Robert Lewandowski

Poland International and Bayern Munich goal-machine Robert Lewandowski might just be the most consistent football player to be active during the Halloween season. Well, it seems he likes to be consistent everywhere. The striker sports various looks every other year with his wife but his best look has to be this radiation costume which seems straight out of Chernobyl. He poses alongside his wife who has turned into a spooky version of Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft.

Patrice Evra

The Halloween Footballer of the year goes to……. Patrice Evra. Nobody comes close to the Manchester United legend’s bloody Halloween costume. The French footballer is seen with a huge knife and flowing blood all over his body, especially his fake broken ribs. He has also got his famous tagline, “I love this game!” on a pumpkin — which he usually says whenever he wants to express his love for football. Well, Patrice, We love the game and your attire!



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